City of Oakland - AC Transit Interagency Liaison Committee  
City of Oakland Representatives  
Council Member Noel Gallo  
Council Member Loren Taylor  
Vice Mayor Rebecca Kaplan  
AC Transit Representatives  
President Elsa Ortiz  
Director H. E. Christian Peeples  
Director Jean Walsh  
Wednesday, September 21, 2022  
10:00 AM  
Phone (877) 369 0926  
Webinar ID 870 1139 8495  
Zoom link:  
COVID-19 Advisory for Public Meetings  
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and pursuant to the Brown Act, the Board of Directors of the  
Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District and all advisory, oversight, and inter-agency liaison  
committees are authorized to hold remote teleconference meetings and no locations for the  
public are required to be provided or noticed in the meeting agenda. The public can access the  
meeting via a call-in option or an internet-based service option as listed below and the agenda  
for this remote meeting provides an opportunity for members of the public to directly address  
the body in real time. No action shall be taken during a disruption that would prevent members  
of the public from offering public comments using the call-in or internet-based option. Remote  
meetings shall be reconsidered every thirty days.  
Public Participation at Virtual Meetings  
By Teleconference / Zoom Video Conference: Please click the link to join the webinar  
To listen to the meeting by phone, dial (877) 369 0926 Webinar ID: 870 1139 8495 at the  
noticed meeting time.  
If you dialed in and intend to speak on an agenda item, dial *9 (star nine) to “raise your hand”  
when the agenda item is called. If using Zoom, use the "raise your hand" feature to indicate  
that you wish to speak on an item. When you are called to speak by the last 4 digits of your  
phone number or by name, the host will unmute you. The comment time is limited to 2 minutes  
per speaker. If you decide not to speak, you may dial *9 or click "lower your hand" in Zoom. The  
telephone numbers listed below may change from meeting to meeting.  
Note: AC Transit does not provide technical support to users accessing the meeting by  
A. Roll Call/Welcome and Introductions  
B. Announcements/Public Comments  
C. Notes from Previous ILC Meeting  
22-530 A. Howard Terminal Service and Fare Proposal. [Requested by Vice Mayor  
Presenter: AC Transit  
B. City of Alameda TDM/TMA Strategies.  
Presenter: City of Alameda  
22-531 A. Status of AC Transit Service. VERBAL - AC Transit  
B. Update on Traffic Enforcement. VERBAL - City of Oakland  
C. Update on Transportation Projects - City of Oakland/AC Transit  
22-532 A. Update on AB 784 - AC Transit  
B. Oakland Transit Action Strategy Update - City of Oakland/AC Transit  
C. Broadway Shuttle Update - City of Oakland/AC Transit  
D. New Developments Update - City of Oakland  
E. Oakland Street Furniture Program Update [Requested by Director Walsh] -  
City of Oakland  
F. AC Transit Easy Pass Program Coordination [Requested by Director Walsh] -  
AC Transit  
Public Comment: For subjects not listed on the agenda, the public will be invited to speak under the  
"PUBLIC COMMENTS" section of the agenda. Speakers wishing to address a specific agenda item will  
be invited to address the Committee at the time the item is being considered. All speakers, including  
anyone using simultaneous translation equipment, are allowed two (2) minutes to present comments.  
Speakers using a translator will receive twice the allotted time. Individuals wishing to present more  
detailed information are encouraged to submit comments in writing. Written comments are included  
in the record for meeting and, as such, are available for public inspection and may be posted to the  
District’s website.  
Order of Agenda Items: The Committee may discuss any item on the agenda and in any order.  
Electronic Devices: All electronic devices such as cell phones, smartphones, tablets and  
similar-sounding devices, shall be placed on mute, vibrate or silent mode during Committee meetings  
pursuant to District  
Ordinance No. 12.  
Availability of Agenda Related Materials: Written agenda related materials are generally available to  
the public 72 hours prior to the meeting or at the time the materials are distributed to a majority of  
the Committee members. Written materials presented at a meeting by staff or a member of the  
Committee will be available to the public at that time, or after the meeting if supplied by an outside  
party. Agenda related materials are available on the District’s website or by contacting the District or  
Committee Secretary.  
Wheelchair Access and Assistive Listening Devices: Due to existing shelter-in-place orders related to  
the spread of the Coronavirus, in-person public meetings are prohibited. Meetings can be accessed  
by telephone or Zoom video conference. Please see page 1 of the agenda for further details.  
Alternative Formats/Interpreters: Written materials in appropriate alternative formats or disability  
related modification/accommodation must be made three business days in advance of the meeting to  
help ensure availability. Subject to availability, sign language and foreign language interpreters will be  
provided upon request with 72-hour notice.  
Scented Products: Please refrain from wearing scented products as there may be attendees  
susceptible to environmental illnesses.  
Contact Information:  
Please direct requests for disability-related modification or accommodation and/or interpreter  
services to the Committee Secretary c/o the AC Transit Planning Department, 1600 Franklin Street,  
Oakland, California, 94612 or call (510) 891-7201.