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Welcome to AC Transit Connect. This site provides online access to Board of Directors meeting information, including agendas, minutes and audio recordings as well as information about other Internal Board and Committee meetings.

AC Transit is a special district and one of only three transit agencies in the United States with an elected Board of Directors. Five members of the Board are elected from geographic areas called “wards” and two are elected to represent the entire District at-large. As the third-largest public bus system in California, AC Transit serves 13 cities and adjacent unincorporated areas in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

Board of Directors meetings are generally held twice a month on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 5:00 p.m. in the Board Room located on the 2nd Floor of the AC Transit General Office at 1600 Franklin Street, Oakland, California. Meeting audio is generally live-streamed via the web and is available at within 24 hours or less following the meeting. Public participation and input is encouraged. To stay informed of meetings and agendas, please subscribe to the Alerts (instructions are provided below).

To access agendas, staff reports and audio files for meetings that occurred before January 2019, go to the Archives tab.

You can browse AC Transit Connect via the tabs at the top of the screen:


Simple search of Board agenda items:

Search agenda items using the following criteria:

  1. Keyword
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Advanced search of Board agenda items:

In addition to the simple search, an advanced search of agenda items, including the selection of many different parameters, is available. This option is most useful when you are searching for an agenda item with specific search criteria, such as between date ranges. To learn more about search tips, select the Help option within the search menu.

For other questions about agendas or actions taken at meetings, please call the District Secretary’s Office at (510) 891-7201 or email


View meeting agendas, minutes and recordings for the Board of Directors and other meeting bodies. The Calendar tab has two views: List View and Calendar View. List View displays the meetings in the specified date range in list form. Calendar View displays them in calendar form.

Audio Recordings

Board of Directors meetings in the 2nd Floor Board Room are live-streamed on the District's website and are available by clicking on the “Audio” link. For audio recordings prior to January 1, 2019, please go to the Archives tab. For technological reasons, recordings of meetings held outside of the Board Room cannot be streamed to the website.


Browse Board Member and meeting information on this tab. Further information on the Board of Directors can be found on the Board’s webpage on the District website


Browse Internal Board and Committee information by selecting the Internal Board and Committees tab. Use the Type drop-down menu to select a meeting body. Click on the meeting body to view meeting dates, details, agendas, minutes and any available audio recordings.

For questions, please call the District Secretary’s Office at (510) 891-7201 or email


In addition to Board of Directors meetings, Board members represent the District on many other external boards, commissions, advisory committees and intergovernmental bodies. Below is a list of organizations on which AC Transit is either a voting member or is an interested party. For meeting information, please visit the sites below and search for meetings or look for a meeting calendar link.


An archive of audio recordings for Board meetings occurring prior to January 2019, is available under this tab. In addition, a link to a repository of staff reports generated prior to January 2019, as well as meeting minutes, is available.


Alerts are e-mail updates of the latest relevant search results based on your choice of query. In order to sign up for alerts, please create an account by clicking on My Account link on the upper right side of the screen.

Your Alert is built on the terms entered and selected in the search section of the Calendar page. Even if your search does not produce immediate results, you can create an alert for the search terms. Any alerts you create will send you emails if your search terms are added to the content on the Calendar page.

  1. Click the Alerts button after you run a search from the Calendar page. The Alerts button is located on the right-hand side of the Calendar page.
  2. Edit the Alert Name; this will appear as the subject of the email you receive. (Optional)
  3. Confirm the Search Terms, Time Period, and Department (meeting body) parameters are correct. To change them, return to the Calendar interface and generate a new search.
  4. Select an occurrence of how often you would like to receive an alert.
  5. Confirm the email address is correct; this should be the email address associated with your InSite (AC Transit Connect) login.
  6. Enter a secondary email address in the CC field. (Optional)
  7. Click the Add Alert button.


To create an alert for a staff report, go to the Search Files tab and follow the same procedure as for creating a calendar alert.