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Report ID: 20-103   
Type: Regular - Planning
Meeting Body: Board of Directors - Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 3/11/2020 Final action:
Recommended Action: Consider receiving a report on the service changes associated with the March 2020 Sign-up.
Attachments: 1. Att.1. Service Change Summary, 2. Master Minute Order
TO: AC Transit Board of Directors
FROM: Michael A. Hursh, General Manager
SUBJECT: March 2020 Sign-up



Consider receiving a report on the service changes associated with the March 2020 Sign-up.


Goal - Convenient and Reliable Service
Initiative - Service Quality

The quarterly sign-ups are the primary means for the District to add, remove, or adjust service based on performance and input from our operators, customers, the public, stakeholders, and the Board of Directors. These changes are focused on improving reliability and service quality.


Total weekday platform hours will decrease by 7.2 hours, Saturday hours will increase by 11.9 hours, and Sunday hours will decrease by 14.8 hours. In total, these changes yield an annual decrease of 1,767 platform hours, which translates to a small reduction of $275,018 annually. A significant expense with this sign-up is improving the reliability Line 20/21 which translated to $499,454 annually. Running time improvements were also made to lines 10, 28, 34, 72R, 79, and 99. Most of these changes were made by adding more running time and reducing the frequency on these lines by 2 to 5 minutes. Line 60 includes a service reduction due to a decision by California State University East Bay (CSUEB) to continue operating their own shuttle as opposed to contracting with AC Transit. Line 51B has additional running time with a cost reduction due to a change in the weekday headway from 10 minutes to 12 minutes. Line 1 has been designed to transition to Tempo BRT service when it is implemented. The March Sign-up operator count is 1340, while the budgeted operator count for this fiscal year is 1350. Therefore, these service changes fall within the District budget.


AC Transit conducts four sign-ups each year as required by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). These occur in March, June, August, a...

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